Oh, so now you got questions huh? Like right now, right now?!


Why is there is wet oil on top of my soy container candle?

Since soybean wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, it can release excess (fragrance) oils which it cannot hold (usually due to extreme temperature changes due to shipping - i.e., going from hot trucks to an air-conditioned environment or going from cold vehicles in the winter to heated stores). You can leave it or wipe it out with a tissue or paper towel. Sweat from soy candles does not affect the burn quality, and generally, the sweat drops will not show up again after your first burn. So in other words, a little sweat never hurt anybody, honey. (Also if you was to READ the care candle page this was answered already! #justsaying)


Why does my candle have frosting on the side?

Frosting is usual for soy wax, as is some seeming gaps of jar adhesion. ; they is entirely normal for soy candles.


How Do I Wash My Jars?

CocoSoy wax will wash out easily with hot, soapy water: But remember DO NOT pour wax down your drains. The wax will solidify in the pipes and clog your sink. And I don't want you sending me a bill from your plumber since you wanted to be the 1% that don't read instructions.


Why did you decide not to add color to the candles?

Well, this was more of an aesthetic reason, I love color on candles as much as the person next to me, but Soy wax is kind of tricky to play with when adding colors. The candle colorants that you find are made for other types of waxes, and they’re not too friendly with soy. Once the candle has gone thru the curing process, the colorants may leave ashy or frosted particles on the candle, sometimes all over and that is not that appealing.

I decided to let the natural beauty of Soy to shine by not adding any color, plus is less environmentally friendly with color, they are more prone to soot when adding color.


What type of wicks do you use?

We use a wooden wick and it's completely American made, is sourced and manufactured in the USA from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified mills. 


Why a wooden wick, why not a cotton wick?

  • Wooden Wicks can be customized to have a unique visual effect and design
  • Wooden Wicks create a unique horizontal flame
  • In larger diameter candles, Wooden Wicks can produce a full melt pool with only one wick eliminating the need to use multiple wicks (in most cases)
  • Wooden Wicks create a soft crackling sound when burning for added ambiance
  • Being rigid, wooden Wicks are very easy to use, saving time and money in production. There is no need to secure to a wick bar or dowels, and no straightening is needed as there is with cotton wicks, which require a great deal of time to set up
  • Wooden Wicks do not mushroom, have little to no carbon build-up, no debris and no sooting like cotton wicks.

And because I KNOW you'll love it, plus this candle would probably get you to second base with your date! #yourewelcome


Why are your wicks not all centered evenly? 

Well, first of sunshine. You know how your ears, boobs and eyebrows are not even?! Well that's how these wicks work too. Sometimes they want to be all straight and even and sometimes they want to do their own thing, curve and go left. Don't judge them, just love them. Love is love.