So What Had Happen Was Right...

Once upon a time, there was a regular girl from The Bronx, who lost her job of over a decade and the outcome of so many people came in some shape or form to help her. She had to give back with something other than a card to say thank you, but with some meaning. So she came up with the idea of making a small candle, the response was beautiful and that it became her "ah ha" moment. She loved the idea of expressing her crazy, kooky lifestyle and personality into a candle. Boujee Candle is half classy and half hood, it's the person wearing a sharp suit while jamming to some Notorious BIG on their way to work. But you can also blast some Mozart in your 98' Honda Accord in Brooklyn on your way to pick up your boo. So I hope you enjoy this candle (*with some great music, of course,*) half as much as I enjoyed making it for you because I had a ball!
Only real people, real music, and really dope souls is gonna last
All the other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow.
 The End...For now!
Thank you for stopping by, and I hope your Boujee candle makes you feel super bougie. 

Team Boujee Crew.