Boujee Super Lux Combo
Boujee Super Lux Combo

Boujee Super Lux Combo

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Oh, well well well look at you! You one fancy son of a biscuit and I like it! 


Boujee Super Lux Combo is the way to go.

It is a supersize double dose of being EXTRA boujee. But I'm talking about having Popeye's chicken on some channel dinner plates and washing down with an icy cold Presidente (Dominican beer.)

This big double trouble is scented with "Bodega Boo" and all of its glory to boot. 

- You're welcome. 


Your resident and sophisticated Bodega cat/security guard.




-Coco/Soy Wax Blend 


-Black-Tone Metallized Glass 

-16.4oz and 8.4 oz.

-Featuring a 65-hour burn time on Big Boujee and a 35-hour burn time on Little Boujee

-Aromatic notes of Sweet tobacco, Oak, and Vanilla for a warm, woodsy scent


Dimensions: 4.12in(W) X 7.09in (H) (Big Boujee)

Dimensions: 3.15in (W) X 4.92in (H) (Little Boujee)