Little Boujee Candle
Little Boujee Candle

Little Boujee Candle

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Oh, so you like it small, powerful and compact huh?! 

Well, that's amazeballs!


Little Boujee is the way to go.

It's a supersize dose of being a LITTLE boujee. This mini magical bad boy is scented with "Bodega Boo." 

"Bodega Boo" is your go-to, always will be there no matter what 24/7. "Bodega Boo" is sprinkled with that store credit of Vanilla, some extra hood Oak chopped and toasted at 6 am daily. My "Bodega Boo" also hooked me up with the new Jordans, some sweet tobacco and a new track from Mozart & Biggie, so I threw all that in this super dope scent too!  

 - You're welcome. 



Your resident and sophisticated Bodega cat/security guard.




-Coco/Soy Wax Blend 


-Black-Tone Metallized Glass  

-8.4 oz.

-Featuring a 35-hour burn time

-Aromatic notes of Sweet tobacco, Oak, and Vanilla for a warm, woodsy scent.


Dimensions: 3.15in (W) X 4.92in (H)